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Blissful Women´s Circle 

Women coming together in joyous stillness, soul connection, inspiring lightness and heartfelt wisdom, holding the space for each other to learn, reflect and re-energize.


Next circle starts in January, 2018. Read more here.

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Special Coaching Offer

Life transition and change are never easy. I have gone through a LOT and found tremendous learning and personal transformation.

That´'s why I offer a special coaching package at this time of the year.


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Take time for introspection, reflection and discovery.

Make peace with what was and what´`'s to come.

Start the New Year with awareness and intention, and achieve your soul-centered goals.


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What clients say

In 2013, I met Sandra through the International Women´s Group. As an expat in Germany, I lost my sense of self; I did not really know who I was and what it was I wanted in life. After taking the workshop "New Year - New Beginnings" with Sandra, where I reflected on the year and decided which lessons to take with me to the new year, I decided to start a coaching trajectory with Sandra. In it we focused on who I was – my fears, my dreams, my hopes. I learned what I needed to grow, to become more stable and to enjoy the opportunities in life again. After only a few sessions, I already felt that a lot had changed. And even now, after moving back ‘home’, I still think about the sessions I had with Sandra and I still benefit from what I learned and experienced in those hours. Sandra is a very intuitive lady – she notices where the problems are and knows how to make you work on them. After the workshop, which was over Skype and was only about an hour, I already had new insights. Every session I left with new energy and with new things to think about. In my opinion that makes Sandra a great coach. Besides being a great professional coach, Sandra is also a very nice person. It felt good to know that for the expat-part, she completely understood what I said, as she had lived abroad for many years as well. I would highly recommend getting into a coaching-trajectory with Sandra. Be it in person or over Skype; both options I experienced and both worked very well.

– Astrid Habraken, Netherlands

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